Friday, February 15, 2008

Out of Commission

Have been out of commission due to two cystoscopies this week--not fun!!! The first one was done on Monday. When dye was put in, it made the stone migrate back upwards--just like passing a kidney stone all over again--Aaarghh!! Our local hospital didn't have quite long enough equipment to get it out, so I had to go to a larger hospital in the city and have the same procedure done the following night---again not fun! They were able to extract the stone and, at that time, put in a stent. The stent was taken out yesterday, with spasms as a side effect. Little did I know that these spasms are as bad as passing the kidney stone itself. They typically last between 45 minutes to an hour and are quite painful (I call it the "take me to the emergency room" type pain) and put me flat on my back. But these spasms should start to decrease here in the next 24 hours. Taking lots of OTC pain medication and have been in bed most of the week. We are discussing the possibility of postponing our trip--are scheduled to leave Tuesday, and will see how the next few days go. We really want to bring our daughter home! Blessings.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

And Away He Goes....

This past weekend, I took our son to Walmart--he had some gift cards for his birthday and he wanted a new sled. They were out of the round, plastic style sleds, so he decided to purchase this inner tube style sled which has really come in quite handy this week with the latest snowstorm. I must say he loves it! We have a gentle slope in our yard, but am hearing reports that the tube goes really fast on the slope, and there's already been one sledding accident involving a neighbor boy and a bloody nose--I'm sure you can imagine!! The boys were also outside trying to build forts--using tote boxes, cardboard remnants, and ice cream bucket molds. If nothing else, I give them an "A" for creativity.