Thursday, February 7, 2008

And Away He Goes....

This past weekend, I took our son to Walmart--he had some gift cards for his birthday and he wanted a new sled. They were out of the round, plastic style sleds, so he decided to purchase this inner tube style sled which has really come in quite handy this week with the latest snowstorm. I must say he loves it! We have a gentle slope in our yard, but am hearing reports that the tube goes really fast on the slope, and there's already been one sledding accident involving a neighbor boy and a bloody nose--I'm sure you can imagine!! The boys were also outside trying to build forts--using tote boxes, cardboard remnants, and ice cream bucket molds. If nothing else, I give them an "A" for creativity.


1 comment:

Candy :) said...

We love the tubes here too. There very popular here in Canada :)