Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Calendars for Kids

This was a calendar that I printed off from over at daniellesplace.com for the Sunday School children. I was looking for a project that would be good for K-2 grade and found these. I printed them off on stock paper, put two hole punches at the tops of the calendar, and then used elastic type string for the binding. Then the kids were able to decorate them with some stickers I brought, and it was a really easy project for them to do. Each month has a Bible verse and the children can color the picture that's at the top. Have a blessed day!!

Am still hoping and praying that this kidney stone passes. Had another CT scan today and it's still there-UGH!! Need to do lots more drinking of water tomorrow.


Candy :) said...

Just stopping by to say HI :)
I am back to blogging. I think I emailed you but maybe I didnt, cant remember now to let you know I started a blog. Come visit sometime if you want :)
Hope you feel better soon!!! My husband has had kidney stones before a few times...he had to stop drinking coffee altogther and then it never came back.
I know how painful they are though..


Kelli said...

Thank you for the fun link, Paula! I will continue to pray that your kidney stone passes.